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Blackroll Duoflex 12

Blackroll Duoflex 12
Blackroll Duoflex 12
Blackroll Duoflex 12
Blackroll Duoflex 12
Blackroll Duoflex 12
Blackroll Duoflex 12
Blackroll Duoflex 12
Blackroll Duoflex 12

Blackroll Duoflex 12

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  • For recovery of fascia and muscles. Effective loosening of tensions.
  • Flexible bridge enables a variety of applications: Next to a lengthwise massage, a cross friction and punctual massage is possible.
  • Suitable especially for back and shoulder areas, without putting too much pressure onto the spine. Suitable for calves and thighs, too.
  • Recyclable and long lasting material with a high quality surface. 


The application of the DUOFLEX12 is, like with our other duoballs, punctual. It means you can very well loosen targeted  tensions (trigger points) and bonded muscle tissue with a fascia massage including the duoballs. You can regulate the pressure by using your own bodyweight.

With the flexible connection between the two fascia balls (12cm diameter each) you can easily and versatilely apply the DUOFLEX12 in the self-massage. Next to the conventional lengthwise massage you can cross massage fascia and muscles due to the flexible bridge.  


What does that mean?

Lengthwise massage


With the lengthwise massage with the double ball you move the connective tissue and muscles back and forth over the two fascia balls.  With the lengthwise movement the muscles are massaged along their natural fibre strands. This technique is especially suitable for activation and recovery.

Cross massage  

The cross friction with the double ball stimulates the muscles across the fibre strands and especially helps with damaged and painful tissue. It improves blood circulation, releases bonded tissue and stimulates the connective tissue to form new longitudinal strands.

Selective rotating massage

Due to the flexible rotation of the ball around the bar, selective rotating massage with the DUOFLEX 12 is also possible. The application is like self-massage with a fascia ball. For example, you can use the DUOFLEX 12 to massage punctual pain points on your back on the wall in circular movements. 

Which body areas can I massage with the DUOFLEX 12?

The gap in the middle enables the DUOFLEX12 to be especially suitbale for the back due to sparing the spine while rolling. This is how you can effectively and punctually work on the muscle strands to the left and right of the spine. The DUOFLEX12 is well suitable for the massage of calves and thighs, too. In these areas you can massage across or along the muscle strands.

While executing the exercises with the fascia balls you use your own bodyweight and you can either apply the ball while lying on the floor or standing against the wall. To reduce the pressure on the ball while lying you can support the execution of the exercise with legs and arms.


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