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Tennis: Sander Gille


Name: Sander Gillé
Birthday: 15 Jan 1991
Current location: : Hasselt, Belgium
Club: Wilson Tennis Academy Genk

I started playing tennis at the age of seven. At the age of 17, I moved to the USA to complete my studies and play college tennis for the East Tennessee State University for four years. I started my professional tennis career in 2013, and switched from the singles to doubles circuit in 2017. I am currently ranked 82 in the world.

What I enjoy most about playing tennis is the diversity and complexity of the required skills to reach the top. Tennis players are some of the most complete athletes, requiring both mental and physical perfection to excel. Every match demands a different tactical approach. There is also the technical aspect to maintain control over your strokes. Above all, players need a combination of physical strength, flexibility, explosiveness, speed, and durability.

Success has been and always will be determined by results. However, I think results can be obtained at different levels. There is what I call “public success”. Being on top of your discipline, playing on the greatest stages, being in the fans’ spotlight…an unbelievable reward for all the hard work and sacrifices along the way.

There is also personal success. Any athlete or person can set personal goals that he or she would like to obtain. Daily hard work is required for any goal in life. Therefore I believe that every time you reach one of your personal goals you may speak of a success.

Besides sports, I enjoy spending time with family, friends and my girlfriend.


Since tennis is very demanding for all muscles and chains in the entire body, there are many injury risks. Common injuries are all types of back, knee and ankle injuries from the constant heavy load and rapid direction-changes, as well as shoulder, elbow and wrist pains from the stroke impact. Muscle strains and stress fractures are occurring frequently.


Some of the most efficient exercises for me as a tennis player with the BLACKROLL® FLOW are the crunch, the side plank with abduction, and hip raises. Core stability and strength is crucial to perform, and the base for any stroke in tennis. Nearly all movements require a strong rotation.

I use the TWISTER mainly to loosen up my neck, chest, and elbow/under arm. The FLOW helps me recover my hip flexors, glutes, inner thighs, and quads. These exercises mainly reduce the risk of knee and lower back injuries for me.



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