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Markus Rossmann



In 1989 Markus Roßman graduated form the technical university of Munich with a degree as a sports teacher with a focus on rehabilitation and prevention. After a stay abroad (Canada) he worked in the fitness industry as an expert on health sports. In 1994 he started working in the rehabilitation area. For 10 years he headed two orthopedic ambulant rehab centers in Berlin and Erding.

In 2004 he successfully finished training as a certified Rolfer®. Since then he has been developing his own approach on treating fascial structures through motion.

In doing so he co-developed the fascia training after Dr. Robert Schleip, the fascial strength training and the fascia therapy using the Fazer by ARTZT vitality amongst others. Until today he is one of the leading experts and spearheads in introducing new insights on fascia into training practices. Since the beginnings of his work in the field of fascia training Markus Roßmann has incorporated the innovative tools of BLACKROLL® in his work. These products have become indispensable parts of his workshops. His experiences and impressions of working with BLACKROLL® are essential in our own advancement. Markus Roßmann on BLACKROLL® products: “To me the BLACKROLL® products are the best invention in the field of prevention and rehabilitation in the last 20 years. For little money you can get a perfect, very sturdy and versatile product you can use for so much more than 'only' train your fascia.”

His practical workshops are thought after not only by therapists all around the world, but are getting more and more popular with athletes as well as trainers in fitness and mass sports.

His first own book “Richtig Gehen – Fascial Walk” will be published in March 2017.

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