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Life is all about interdependencies. To exercise well, you need to take breaks, too. To get stronger, you need training and recovery. To perform, you need a good night’s sleep.

These interdependencies make life what it is. Though we often underestimate them, they’re essential. There are so many in our body: sleep, movement, nutrition, circulation, muscle performance, concentration – they’re all interconnected. And they’re what drive us as a business. We’ve made it our mission to help you and others bring harmonize these and bring them into balance by using our products and services. For us, it all began with the links between a connective tissue known as fascia and muscle performance – which were virtually unknown at the time. That’s why we developed the first BLACKROLL®. It’s since become a classic – and many other products specially designed for the fascia have followed in its footsteps. Not just for elite and everyday athletes – but also for those looking for a way to relax or go about their daily life free from pain.


Fasciae are sheets of connective tissue that surround and permeate every muscle, bone, nerve and organ in the body. They shape the structure of our bodies, are our biggest sensory organ, and have a huge impact on our capacity for movement, our posture and our sensitivity to pain. In recent years, research into fasciae has discovered that what we tend to think of as sore muscles are actually sore fasciae. Fascia training is proven to help reduce the duration of muscle soreness. The fasciae are increasingly the focus of scientific research, which is supported by many doctors and therapists.


We offer a wide range of products designed to ease pain, promote health and well-being and boost performance in your everyday life. Best of all: you can use them to help yourself. After exercise and for relaxing your muscles here and there. For a lasting improvement to your posture, effective warm-ups and workouts, and even for a better night’s sleep. Our approach is always guided by life: we examine the interdependencies that enable or obstruct an active, pain-free life and look for the right solutions. We work closely with scientists, medical professionals, therapists and athletes. The manufacture of our products is similarly guided by life – using safe raw materials and processes. The materials used in the fascia roller, for instance, have been used in the medical and food industries for many years. We prioritize responsible production to help promote lasting harmony between people and ecosystems.

- That’s why we continue to produce the majority of our products in Germany.
- All foam fascia products are 100% recyclable and free from chemicals in line with quality management standards governed by DIN ISO 9001:2015.
- All our foam fascia products are highly durable and robust, non-slip, heat resistant (at a minimum of 110 °C) and can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.
- Our textiles are manufactured in accordance with the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.


A product on its own is not enough. You have to use it regularly and correctly for a successful outcome. Our products are very easy and intuitive to use – and we offer plenty of support and inspiration to help encourage you to get the most out of them each day. We’ve got plenty of exercises, tips and guides available for you on our website and our YouTube channel. So it won’t take long for you to learn how to use our products to your benefit. We’ve also developed a free, easy-to-use app. You can use it to select different areas of the body, for instance, and address them specifically using the products of your choice. And if you’re looking for specific exercises for your preferred sport or training type, you’ll find easy sequences of movement aimed at training preparation, strengthening, regeneration and avoiding common injuries in the BLACKROLL® app.


Our products have all been developed for safe and easy use at home. But if you still feel like you could use some professional support, please consult a physiotherapist, manual therapist, massage therapist or medical professional for advice. This is especially worthwhile if you have injuries and/or more severe or recurring pain. By the way: it’s also very likely you’ll find BLACKROLL® products at your physiotherapist’s or physician’s office. They’ll surely be happy to show you some exercises, too.


Helping others is a path to fulfillment. Not only for us as a business – but for the many coaches and therapists who use our products. We are happy to help grow this community, which is why we’re constantly training up new coaches. We now have over 5,000 coaches worldwide. Are you interested in becoming a BLACKROLL® coach? Find out more about our traineeships here.


At BLACKROLL®, we believe we’re part of a fast-changing world – and we see this as an opportunity. An opportunity to make better decisions for the future and inspire each other to new heights. For us, true sustainability is about continuing to grow and change and taking responsibility across the board.

Our products are mostly manufactured in Germany. In climate-neutral conditions. Almost all our packaging is made from over 90% recycled material. Of course, we’re also working to make more of our products recyclable. We prioritize fair, long-lasting relationships with our partners. We are proud that we’ve continued to work closely with our production partners from day one.

Our headquarters are located on the shores of Lake Constance. In a place like this, exercise and the great outdoors are never far from your mind. Group exercise in the mornings? There are regular opportunities for those who want them. A quick swim at lunch? No problem. That’s how we’re working towards a better future – filled with energy and drive.



Jürgen Dürr comes up with the idea of developing a product anyone can use to massage themselves. The BLACKROLL® is launched on the market and our journey begins with Germany’s first fascia roller.


At the biggest physiotherapy conference, BLACKROLL® wins the Thieme Verlag Physio Prize for the ‘product with the biggest benefit for the target audience’. That same year, Jürgen Dürr sends a test set of three rollers to Robert Schleip. He is delighted, and helps expand the company’s network of scientists.


At the German Football Association’s sports medicine conference, Jürgen Dürr approaches Oliver Bierhoff about providing the national team with fascia rollers. Soon after, BLACKROLL® becomes a core component of the national team’s equipment. A milestone.


The business is restructured by Marius Keckeisen. BLACKROLL® AG is established.


New versions of the original fascia roller are developed, with different surfaces and firmness, and in new shapes and sizes. This year also sees the launch of the first trigger tools for the superficial fascia, the first vibration tools, a needle roller stimulation tool and the Releazer for pain relief.


We develop our first fitness bands.


All professional German football teams now use our products – and over half the teams at the 2018 FIFA World Cup get fit for the game with BLACKROLL®.


We win the ISPO Award for the RECOVERY PILLOW, our memory foam pillow specially designed for a better night’s sleep. The pillow also picks up the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020. Peter Rohn takes over as CEO with the aim of tackling future challenges. Meanwhile, Marius Keckeisen focuses on strategic issues such as product innovation and globalization as Chair of the Administrative Board. He is joined on the Administrative Board by Bernd Wahler, former Chief Marketing Officer at Adidas, General Manager at Nike Germany and President of VFB Stuttgart. Jürgen Dürr also has a seat on the Administrative Board.

With this leadership team, BLACKROLL® AG is perfectly equipped for the next phase of its development. Strengthening our team has helped lay the foundations for the Healthstyle Company’s future success. We now have over 50 staff and are represented by over 5,000 qualified trainers in 37 countries worldwide. We help people in more than 57 countries improve their recovery and stay fit and healthy.

We’re proud of how our “recovery brand” has grown from a single highly effective product to a wide range of everyday solutions for physical and mental activation and recovery. We are constantly working to improve our products and services for your well-being.

We are proud of the development of our "regeneration brand", which has evolved from a very effective product to a wide range of solutions for physical and mental activation & regeneration in everyday life. We are continuously working on our products and services for your well-being.

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