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  • Versatile functional training tool
  • The ideal yoga block
  • Perfect complement to the smaller BLACKROLL® tools
  • Stable basis for more applications


The BLACKROLL® BLOCK complements and extends the application possibilities of BLACKROLL® products. The BLACKROLL® BLOCK is a multipurpose tool with an open bottom, perfect for stowing a BLACKROLL® MINI or a BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 08 and a BLACKROLL® BALL 08. You can get the BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET here.


The BLACKROLL® BLOCK permits more intensive myofascial self-massage with the smaller tools from BLACKROLL®. Depending on your needs, you can use the BLOCK with the smaller BLACKROLL® products to exert more pressure and penetrate further into the tissue. This makes it possible to reach harder-to-get-to muscle groups. It can also be used as a yoga block: it is used for support, to find your balance in poses, or to relieve strain on your back during meditation.

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